Thank you for visiting our web site...

While I am sure you visited this site for your cars needs I would like to also make you aware of another business venture I have with one of my two brothers. H&H opals and intarsia!  

My brother has been making and designing custom jewelry for over 20 years and his hand made works of art are some of the best in the world for his specialty "Intarsia".

Intarsia is a 17th century form of gemstone inlay using multiple different gems from around the world and making them into very intricate and stunning designs.

Over the years I have made a lot of acquaintances, and a while back i met a real Australian opal miner and lapidarist. He is a really nice and fun guy  and we quickly became good friends.  Before he went back home to Lightning Ridge, in New South Wales he saw my brother's work and told me he would be most happy to sell us some of his mines opal for Dan's incredible art.  One thing led to another and pretty soon we had a really quality supplier of  some of the worlds highest quality black and crystal opal of almost every color in the rainbow.... from Lightning Ridge, Australia !!!!

Since this adventure started,  I too have learned the delicate art of cutting and finishing fact it is the only stone I have ever done.  It is demanding to make them look like they should!!!

My brother on the other hand has been a silver and goldsmith for over 20 years and can pretty much cast or make anything anyone could think of ...and his cutting skills far out shine my own.  

I have really enjoyed helping people get high quality gems at really amazing prices. We can also match and or replace missing stones out of things you love and cherish as well  Feel free to call the shop and ask to speak to Tim.

We can discuss the issue and see if I can solve it for you. Since we do not have a real store front we do not have to make a million dollars from each stone.  I invite you to at least give us a call if you have an interest or would like to see more opals in person we have many hundreds cut and ready to set or mount as needed. Most are very reasonably priced for their quality starting as low as 99 cents to 4,500.00 and higher...thanks again for visiting the web site.